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Tara is a very charming young lady who carries herself very well. She's a "real" person, doesn't sugarcoat it, and is easy to relate to. She also has a strong determination, which she used to her benefit when losing weight. Growing up in a small town, Tara developed her loud and sparkling personality. In a single parent home, Tara's mother taught her the necessity of self-achievement and independence. Since those lessons, Tara has become a plus-size model for a top New York modeling agency, graduated from New York University with honors, and accepted a financial analyst position at L'Oreal. With all this success, Tara feels she hasn't accomplished the most important goal of all: losing weight.

The TeamEdit

Former plus-size models Tara and Laura have lived life to the fullest, but since gaining an exorbitant amount of weight they have taken themselves out of the game of life. Now these two are ready for revenge. With the amount of energy and charisma that they both share, combined they can take on any obstacle and succeed. With all these qualities, plus their fight and determination, these two know they have "got to lose it to win it, so lets get it done!"


  • Most challenges won: 13
  • Longest consecutive period without falling below the yellow/red lines: 18 weeks

Where are they nowEdit

Despite getting 3rd in anticipated 1st,Tara is still extremely popular, with her picture currently in the gym. She does various marathons.

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