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Shellay is a loving wife, mother and a great friend. She is always the person you can call on if you need anything. She has been a stay-at-home mom most of her married life and would like to look for a job, but she has lost confidence in herself because of her weight. She wakes up in the morning, thinking she will surf the web for a job, but ends up surfing the fridge for food instead. Exercise has never been a part of her life, but as she gets older she worries more about future health problems. She wants to be healthy and motivated, and she wants to prove she can do it!

The TeamEdit

Shellay and Amy are a mother/daughter team who love each other, believe in each other, support each other and encourage each other. These two are ready to be transformed, no matter what the cost! Shelley was always the "cool" mom when Amy was growing up, while Amy was the funny daughter. These two are so expressive and honest, and have a great sense of humor. Every mother and daughter can relate to their love, bickering, support and banter.

Where are they nowEdit

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