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Shanon is a very outgoing, animated and friendly person. Her love of her family and friends shines through. Shanon grew up as the oldest child of three; she always tried to set a good example for her younger brother and sister. Even though she struggled with her weight, she tried to stay active in high school sports. These days Shanon spends more time watching, tailgating or eating instead of playing sports. Shanon's caring actions come through every day in her job as a massage therapist, but she feels she could make an even bigger impact on her clients once her weight is under control. She has been heavy her entire life and is ready to get on the right course. Shanon has developed some bad habits over the years and says she cannot help but get up for a midnight snack most nights.

The TeamEdit

Helen and Shanon are a down-to-earth mother-and-daughter team who could pass as sisters. They are extremely competitive and love to laugh. Shanon and Helen are both gorgeous women who have a zest for life. They leave everyone they meet with a smile on their face. Helen would do anything to help her daughter, especially because she feels she did not provide enough for Shanon when she was growing up.

Where are they nowEdit

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