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Phillip is a strong competitor under that easygoing exterior. Raised as the oldest and only boy of three children, he began to be concerned about his body image at a young age. Even though he was a normal weight during high school, college and his young adult years, when he served in the U.S. Air Force he still saw himself as heavy and soon after began to gain weight. When he married his college sweetheart, Amy, 20 years ago, he weighed 185 pounds. Desperate to be a better husband and a healthier father for his sons, Phillip has vowed to get trim and healthy!

The TeamEdit

Charismatic and fun, Phillip and Amy are a married couple determined to win people over with their positive attitudes and competitive spirits. No strangers to a challenge, these two know how to work together and make it through any obstacle. College sweethearts, co-workers, parents and married for nearly 20 years, this couple is ready to add new chapters to their lives as they lose weight and get in shape together! Look out for these two because together they make a powerful team!

Where are they nowEdit

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