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Mike loves sports and watches and plays as much as he can. Mike is currently getting ready to attend his first year of college with an ambition to become a surgeon. Mike's weight has been an issue since he was in grade school. He has been on Youth Weight Watchers, Atkins, Weight Watchers and many others, but has never been able to keep his weight under control. Mike has seen his father struggle with weight since he was a child and does not wish to follow in the same footsteps.

The TeamEdit

Ron and Mike are a father/son team who are extremely driven and competitive. They are outgoing and love to have fun, but always keep a competitive edge about them. They have the typical Italian dynamic; they compete and push each other relentlessly, but it all comes from love of one another. Ron admits he is a nutritional basketcase when it comes to food and realizes he's passed his bad eating habits to his son. Michael wants to pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor and wants to start the rest of his life as a healthy 18 year old. Both are motivated and determined to lose the weight and break the cycle together.

Where are they nowEdit

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