Koli Palu
Eliminated at The Finale
Start weight
End weight


An active contestant on The Biggest Loser Season 9, Koli works as a high school football coach during the day and is head of security for the night shift. His abnormal schedule makes it hard to find time for exercise and forces him to eat at odd hours. Koli grew up playing sports and understands the importance of healthy living. As a football coach, he is very involved in athletics and wants to lose weight so he can be a healthy role model for the young men he coaches.

The TeamEdit

Because many people in Koli and his cousin Sam Poueu's family are bigger, they are predisposed for diabetes, hypertension and gout. Sam and Koli want to win The Biggest Loser and serve as a healthy example for their family and culture.

Where Are They Now?Edit

Koli won the At Home Prize with 53.35% percentage of weight loss and lost 215 lbs also

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