Julio Gomez
Julio Gomez
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Julio is an "Alpha Dog" that always has a smile on his face. His personality is equaled by his kindness, generosity and love for his family. Julio is the son of Cuban immigrants that fled Communism in the early 1960s. The youngest of three boys, he relied on his charm, wit and good looks to stand out in a crowd. Julio grew up on Cuban food, which eventually led to his weight gain. Julio works as a mortgage loan officer, a job that requires intelligence and a strong ability to communicate, which has become increasingly difficult due to his weight. Julio would love to become healthy, fit and energetic once again so he may lead his overweight wife and two athletic daughters down the right path. Do not be fooled by his humor, Julio is here to be Season 8's Biggest Loser!

The TeamEdit

Where are they nowEdit

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