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Joelle is a zealous and optimistic person who challenges herself and her listeners to "Stay Positive" through her non-profit Internet radio show "My Music - My Choice." However, Joelle's lifelong struggle with weight leaves her feeling far from positive. She has dieted all of her life, but when her emotions get riled up, so does her appetite! Joelle recently got a reality check after being diagnosed with high blood pressure and borderline diabetes. This really scared Joelle because heart disease runs rampant in her family. She now knows she must make a serious life change.

The TeamEdit

Carla and Joelle' bubbly personalities and commitment to excellence make them great candidates for "The Biggest Loser." They are energetic, tenaciously competitive best friends with hearts of gold, who love to just have fun. Carla challenges Joelle to dress for success and exude a "gorgeous" persona inside and out, and they have agreed to support each other to obtain a healthy weight and lifestyle. With their competitive mindset you better watch out for these ladies; they hate to lose!

Where are they nowEdit

Joelle and Carla's friendship seemed to have crashed and burned in their elimination episode when Joelle lost 0 pounds that week. Carla, although being the heavier person, was openly disgusted with Joelle's inability to make effort and felt she was making her do all the work. However, it was said in an interview that they are friends, but not best friends and they don't talk to each other as much. Neither of them were willing to take back their mistakes. Joelle has put 53 pounds back on

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