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Heba is an energetic go-getter. She is definitely the feisty element in the relationship. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and says whatever is on her mind. She works in the competitive world of pharmaceutical sales and her size makes each day an extra challenge. Heba began to put on weight around age 12 and gained 50 pounds her first year of college. To make things even more interesting, she married an amazing professional chef, Ed, who can whip up anything at anytime-who could resist? Due to her busy career and even busier social life, Heba's health has taken a back seat over the years.

The TeamEdit

This hard-working, super-social husband and wife are always on the go! Both extremely competitive, they definitely help balance each other out. Heba brings the fire and energy and Ed cools things down with his laid-back Southern charm. They complete each other on many levels; from inspiring each other's competitive spirits to being each other's biggest cheerleaders. They have a giant love for life and it is obvious to everyone who knows them!

Where are they nowEdit

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