Daris George
Active, until beaten at finale
Start weight
End weight


Daris, an active contestant on The Biggest Loser, was an athlete growing up. Although he was a lineman and competed at shot put and discus, Daris was always self-conscious about his weight. He has never had a girlfriend, although he gets attention because of his big curly hair and funny t-shirts. Daris loves to be the center of attention and make people laugh, but he has low confidence with women due to his weight. Daris wants to improve his life, health, and self-confidence by losing weight and improving his eating and exercise habits.

The TeamEdit

Daris and his mother, Cheryl George, are dedicated to each other and determined to get healthy. They want to improve their health and prove to the world that it's possible to lose weight, no matter how big you are.

Where Are They Now?Edit

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