Daniel Wright
7 & 8
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Daniel is an intellectual and caring person with an extraordinary character and positive attitude towards life. He always strives to do his best in everything he does. He hopes to one day be a youth pastor.

In last season's "The Biggest Loser: Couples," Daniel was the heaviest contestant in the history of the show, weighing in at 454 pounds. He lost 142 pounds by the May 12 finale, getting him down to 312 pounds. In keeping with the "Second Chances" theme of Season 8, Daniel is returning to the Biggest Loser ranch to continue his weight-loss journey.

The TeamEdit

These two best friends have struggled with weight all their lives and are both the only member of their families who are overweight. Daniel and David were both linemen on their high school football team. They are ultra-competitive and will stop at nothing to stay above the yellow line.

Where are they nowEdit

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