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Coleen is the second of four children in her family, but the only child who is overweight. Coleen has struggled with her weight since her early teen years. Being the only overweight child in her family has been tough on her. Never really feeling comfortable in her skin, Coleen searched for other ways to take the focus off of her weight. She is sociable, engaging and always has a hand to lend to whoever needs it. Growing up on fast food and quick-fix meals, Coleen began to pack on the pounds at a young age. Sitting at a desk and snacking all day is all part of her daily routine as a receptionist. Coleen is definitely a leader and loves to compete. She is a dedicated young girl who is sick of life flying past her.

The TeamEdit

As a hardworking, fun and dedicated father/daughter duo, both are motivated to start living the best possible life by being healthy and fit. A true equation for entertainment, these two will inspire you with their drive for life. Both born and raised in Cleveland, they are not only good company, but great competition. Jerry feels that with the help and inspiration he gets from Coleen, together they will be unstoppable!

Where are they nowEdit

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