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Carla is the second born out of four children. She struggled for attention by showing off, overeating and getting in trouble. Today Carla has one issue that she struggles with: her weight. Carla has lost weight on countless occasions; however, it always seems to find its way back. Carla refuses to work out with her husband because she feels that he is too hard on her. She truly wants to get in shape, live a healthy lifestyle with her husband and start their family. With a best friend like Joelle alongside her, pushing her to the limit, Carla's goal of losing weight will be obtained.

The TeamEdit

Carla and Joelle' bubbly personalities and commitment to excellence make them great candidates for "The Biggest Loser." They are energetic, tenaciously competitive best friends with hearts of gold, who love to just have fun. Carla challenges Joelle to dress for success and exude a "gorgeous" persona inside and out, and they have agreed to support each other to obtain a healthy weight and lifestyle. With their competitive mindset you better watch out for these ladies; they hate to lose!

Where are they nowEdit

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